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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Touch of Renewal Matthew 9: 18, 19, 23-25

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v 18 1) Worship prepares man's heart in his appeal to God. 
(worshipped Him) 

v 18 2) The appeal for the master's care is one of humility.
(come and lay thy hand upon her) 
self removed 

v 18 3) The appeal for the master's care is one filled with expectancy of faith. 
(and she shall live) 

v 19 4) Christ goes where there is need for and faith to receive renewal of life. 

v 23 5) Since man cannot change circumstances, he attempts to make them more palatable, acceptable, 
( ••• musicians ••• ) 

v 23 6) Man's efforts end up only with disorder and confusion. 
(the people making a noise) 

v 24 7) Christ sees present circumstances as events as yet unchanged by truth. 
( ... for the maid is not dead) 

v 24 8) The faithless are bound up in hopelessness by their own circumstances. 
(and they laughed him to scorn) 

v 25 9) The faithless hinder the work of faith and are set aside by Christ. 
moved out of the way so they cannot hinder 

v 25 10) The touch of Christ is one of renewal to those of faith (ruler) and to those in faith (daughter) 
(and took her by the hand, and the maid arose) 

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