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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Be Foolish Judges 14: 7-19

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v.7 1. Don't pursue interests contrary to God's will.
(and he went down, and talked with the woman;)

v.7 2. Don't develop a taste for worldly pleasure.
(and she pleased him well.)

v.8 3. Don't defile your spiritual course-God's direction.
(and he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion; and behold, ...)
Stay away from temptation.

v.9 4. Don't be careless with your commitment to God.
(and he took thereof in his hands, and went on eating,...)

v.9 5. Don't allow deceit to enter any relationship.
(...but he told them not that he had taken the honey out of the carcass of the 
Protect your relationship with God and other relationships will fall under His

v.10 6. Don't mock God.
(Samson made there a feast ...)
a drinking party

v.12 7. Don't make light of (a joke of) God's involvement in your life.
(...I will now put forth a riddle unto you; ...)

v.12 8. Don't enter into a bargain with the enemy.
(if you can certainly declare it to me within seven (God's standard of perfection)
days...I will give you; ...)

v.15 9. Don't enter into unequal yoke.
(on the seventh day, that they said unto Samson's wife, entice thy husband, ...)
Disloyal, self serving attitudes are encountered.

v.19, 10. Don't continue in transgression.
15:  4, 5 (slew thirty men, foxes...lighted tails...) 
Ch.16 Repent, get right, get out of it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jesus, God's Choice Hebrews 1: 2, 3

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V 2 1 ) JESUS, God's inclusive revelation. (everything).
 (spoken unto us by His Son)
Every  thing God has to say to man He says through His Son. (John 1: 1)God has spoken. 
God continues to speak. 
Everything God has to say to a believer He is going to say through Ch r i s t. 
There is no heavenly revelation  apart from Jesus. 
Anything we want to know about spiritual truth; anytime we need spiritual truth, we must
go to Jesus. Jesus is the Father's Son--the one who speaks to the heart.

V 2 2.) JESUS, God's inclusive heir. (everything)
(whom He hath appointed heir of all things)
Jesus is the heir of all the Father has. Believers are joint heirs with Christ. Rom. 8: 16 - 17
Child of God--what do you need? Jesus has everything!

V 2 3) JESUS, God's inclusive companion. (everything)
(by whom also He made the worlds)
Ever in touch with the Father.Included in all the works of the Father. An included part in
all the Father's plans. Inseparable from the Father's expressions. The substance of the
ages. Bed rock, but more deeper still.

V 3 4) JESUS, God's inclusive expression. (everything)
 (Who, being the brightness of His glory)
Jesus is how God expresses Himself. The brightness of His presence can not be ignored--
may be rejected . 
A believer should have no trouble finding such a bright and guiding light. He is the bright
and morning star. The light of heaven and of earth--the light of the world.

V 3 5 ) JESUS  God's inclusive likeness. (everything)
(and the express image of His person)
He perfectly mirrors the Father. They are one. John 10: 30.
Also Ch. 8, 10, 17. We see the Father through the Son.
Absolute likeness, perfect match.

V 3 6) JESUS, God's inclusive grasp. (everything)
(upholding all things ... )
As the Father wills so the Son keeps. By Him all things consist. Col. 1: 17 
Believers are secure in Christ. John 17: 11, 12. 
The Father holds all things in control, through His Son.

V 3 7) JESUS, God's inclusive power. (everything)
(by the word of His power)
The power of heaven transcends (higher than, greater than, excels, ) all other power. 
That is the power of Christ. All the power the Father has is vested in the Son. 
That is why if we ask anything in His Name, that will He do, that the Father may be 
glorified in the Son. John 14:13. 
Spiritual truth is upheld by His power.
God will uphold the truth and true works of His Son.
Matthew 28: 18, all power rests in Jesus.

V 3 8 ) JESUS, God's inclusive sacrifice. (all sins covered)
 (by Himself purged our sins)
No other needed. He alone satisfied the Father's justness. No other sufficient.

V 3 9 ) JESUS, God's incIusive labor.  (everything done)
(sat down)
His work completed. His Will given in His Word. 
Jesus has no more to do to bring His word to pass--no more to do to bring salvation.
His labor is complete.
Believers are complete in Him. Col. 2:10.
Jesus doesn't have to do anymore for a believer to have his needs met and to 
experience the fulness of Christ.

v3 10) JESUS, God's inclusive choice. (out of everything)
(on the right hand of the Majesty on high)
Heb. 1 :4-13;   Col. 1 :19
No greater honor could be bestowed than to share in the Father's glory at His right
How pleased should a believer be at the Father's choice!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lessons from Samson's Life Judges chapters 13-16

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13: 4,7 1. The point of instruction--God’s call (like point of salvation).
God placing severe restrictions upon Samson’s life because of the need for a 
deliverer for His people.
This deliverer would have to remain free from the contaminating effects of low 
moral standards in their nation
God has called believers today to be light and to bear the standard of truth.

13: 24, 2. The place of commitment--God’s will (like commitment in salvation).
     25 Responding to the Holy Spirit’s direction and counsel.
God was faithful.

14: 2         3. The pursuit of compromise.
Not focusing on God’s priorities allows compromise to make its appeal.
He made light of God’s involvement in his life. He disregarded God’s standards
for his life.
The world will test our commitment to Christ.

        4. The price of compromise.

14: 3 Causes close mindedness to our source of counsel.
v.6 Causes insensitivity to God’s reminders of His calling.
v.9 Leads to further compromise (dead body)
v.10 Leads to further compromise (wine)
v.12 Builds up pride and pressure to demonstrate controlling abilities (not giving God
v.15 Leads to loss of integrity in relationship (entice thy husband.)
He was violating God’s law in pursuing the woman of Timnah (Deut. 7: 1-4).
Loyalty of the godless is not to God.
v.20 Results in a loss of that sought after.
Ch. 15 Results in abuses of God given gifts--uses for self satisfying purposes--one out
from under authority.    explanation for what is happening to some ministers 
today who disobey God and fall to immorality.

Further transgressions ensue.
Example today- misuse of affluent blessings.

        5. The pride of defiance.                                 
                Samson refuses to deal with his flesh.
One cannot build a belief system based upon what God allows or sovereignly
rules over.
Ch. 16 Cannot get back on track after compromise of integrity.
Cannot get back on track after compromise of purpose.
Cannot get back on track after compromise of conviction of heart.
v.1 Leads to impurity, fleshliness- moral corruption.  
Rationalization or just willfulness without regard to question.

v.17 He was not ignorant, he knew the source of his strength, he was willful.
v.5 Further opens the door to the enemy. (entice him …)
v.6 Flirtation with evil ensues.

v.15-17 Reveal God’s secrets to the enemy.    
v.23 Given enemy occasion to claim superiority over God’s servant.

        6. The penalty of rejection.
Compromise strips of integrity.

16: 20 God’s presence departs.
v.21 Powerlessness sets in--God removes His power.
God could no longer use him for His designed purpose (the reason for
powerlessness in  Christian living today).
v.21 Bondage to the enemy follows. (we’re talking about God’s servant.
v.21 Energies consumed by the devil’s game.
v.21 Enemy has no respect for a disobedient servant of God; he is just a castaway to
the enemy.

        7. The point of no return.
16: 21 Due to pride and unrepentance his ministry was gone.
His purpose was unfulfilled.
The opportunities for Godly gain had escaped.
v.21 He was humiliated by the enemy--doing the work of a beast or slave--what a 
His long hair represented his complete abandonment to God given purpose in his
He forsook his calling, his hair was gone, his strength removed.

v.28 Yet God avenged Samson--
Philistines were mocking God--blaspheming God and worshiping a fish god,
Samson’s hair had grown back--a symbol of renewal of the Nazarite vow--thus
the return of his strength.
God is faithful to accomplish His cause. Samson was upset by the Philistines
God desired him to see the reason for the oppression- i.e. Israel’s idolatry--
worshiping false gods. But he failed--God still brought judgment on the 

Our lesson--often we get upset at God and our Philistines rather than seeing that
our  Philistines are there to make us aware of our rebellion against God and of
our need for  genuine repentance and returning to God’s integrity and standard
                in worship and service.

1 Peter 4: 17  Judgment is first to begin at the house of God.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Having Your Expectations Joyfully Changed Luke 24: 1-6

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v.1 1. Expecting grief to continue but finding exuberant joy.
(they came unto the sepulcher.)

v.2 2. Believing death is so final but finding it isn’t so.
(bringing the spices …)

v.3 3. Believing physical circumstances are so binding but underestimating
heaven’s power.
(and they found the stone rolled away from the sepulcher.)

v.3 4. Believing your ministry is one thing and finding Christ had new plans.
(And they entered in, and found not he body of the Lord Jesus.)
Our ministry is not to take care of Jesus. Oh, yes to love Him, to serve Him, to
follow Him.
Our ministry is to carry forth the message of the gospel, the word of truth to
                free men.  v-9  Matt. 28: 9, 10
We will normally define our ministry incorrectly or too narrowly.

v.4 5. Searching for an explanation but getting new insight.
(And it came to pass, as they were  much perplexed about this, behold two 
                men stood by them, in shining garments;)
The new insight was of the majesty and power of Christ’s glory.
Our focus really is to be on the living Christ, not so much trying to figure 
                out the living Christ.
Rejoice in His greatness.

v.5,6 6. Possession of fear changed to hope.
(And as they were afraid, …He is not here, but is risen!)
The truth of Jesus removes fear and uncertainty’s threats.
Perfect love (Jesus) casts out fear.
That which appears dim, uncertain, hopeless, despairing … is not at all with
Jesus as the hope of glory.

v.5,6 7. Having believed defeat but receiving great victory.
(Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!)
Defeat is not the work of Jesus, victory is.  Oh! hallelujah!
Victory is our possession through Jesus.
It is not ours to work up, to claim even, but is our possession through Jesus.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Mighty Christ John 11: 43, 44

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v.43 1. The power of His word.
(Lazarus, come forth.)
the same power today
rather than spoken word as in Jesus day, it is in the written word. John 1: 1
44: 7, 8;     45: 21, 22;       46: 9, 10;         48: 3, 5, 12;         50: 2-

v.43 2. The power of personal identity.(Lazarus)
    Jesus personally identifying the one in need.
Otherwise other dead might arise?
Jesus speaks to individual need.
Doctrine of grace entitles a believer to receive God’s blessing not human 

v.43 3. The power to command death.
(Lazarus come forth)
This is important doctrine to the believers.

v.44 4. The power to restore life.
(And he that was dead came forth,)

v.44 5. The power of liberty.
(Loose him, and let him go.)

v.44 6. The power of restoration.

v.44 7. The power to continue.
Continuing to experience Jesus.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seeing Things as God Sees Them 1 Corinthians 11: 23-25

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v.23 1. Seeing His worthiness, our unworthiness.
(For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, 
                That the Lord Jesus the same night in which He was betrayed took 

v.24, 2. Seeing His sacrifice, our redemption.
(my body, my blood)

v.24 3. Seeing His offering, our opportunity.
(He broke it, and said, Take, eat:)

v.24, 4. Seeing His humiliation and suffering, our example.
  25 ( this is my body,)(this cup is the new testament in my blood:)

v.24 5. Seeing His pure love, our rich blessing.
(which is broken for you: )

v.24, 6. Seeing His work, our calling.
   25 (this do in remembrance of me.)

v.24, 7. Seeing His honor, our purpose.
   25 (in remembrance of me.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What the Son (of God) Has Jon 11: 42-45

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v.42 1. Oneness with the Father.
(And I knew that thou hearest me always:)

v.42 2. What He asks of the Father.

v.43 3. All authority in life.
(And when He thus had spoken, He cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come

v.43 4. The power of deliverance.
(Lazarus, come forth.)

v.44 5. The power of restoration.
(And he that was dead come forth, ...)

v.44 6. The solitary uniqueness of Sonship.
(Jesus saith unto them, ...)

v.45 7. The solitary uniqueness of Redeemer.
(Then many of the Jews, which came to Mary, and had seen the things
which Jesus did,  believed on Him.)