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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Never Too Late for Jesus Mark 5: 35, 36, 38-42

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v.35 1.Man often gives his report before Christ's work is completed.
(…certain who said, Thy daughter is dead.)

v.35 2.There are some conditions which man is tempted to conclude the Master cannot 
(Why troublest thou the Master any further?)

v.35 3.It is never a bother for the Master to do what He came to do.
(Why troublest the Master)

v.35 4.Men should allow the Master to choose His work.
(the Master any further?)

v.36 5.Christ is not troubled by the besetting news of men.
(As soon as Jesus heard…He saith…, Be not afraid, only believe.)

v.38 6.Christ is not beset by the faithless expressions of men's hearts.
(and seeth the tumult, …)

v.39 7.Christ is not beset by man's interpretations, rather He reveals the true condition of need.
(…The child is not dead, but sleepeth.)

v.40 8.Christ is not beset by men's scorn and ridicule.
(and they laughed Him to scorn …)

v.41 9.Christ is able to bring change to circumstances bearing defeat.
(…I say unto thee, arise…)

v.42 10.A believer with any need should wait on Christ's final report.
(And straightway the child arose, and walked;)

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