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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Link of Humility and Prayer 2 Chronicles 7; 14

click to Read the passage: 2 Chronicles 7  (a new browser window will open)

Note: These are God's conditions outlined. The hardest war we fight.
So many things in life today promote self and lead to pride. 
God resists the proud. 

1) Humility is expected of God's people. 
( If my people, ... ) 

2) Humility is the testimony of Godly surrender. 
( Which are called by my name )  

3) Humility precedes effective prayer. 
( shall humble themselves, and pray, ) Gets self out of the way. 

4) Humility enthrones Christ. 
( shall humble themselves, and pray, ) 

5) Humility encourages honor in prayer. 
( and pray. ) 

6) Humility is a willing expression of a desire to know God. 
( and seek my face, )  

7) Humility gets honest before God and lets God work in the life of His people. 
( and turn from their wicked ways, then ... ) 

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