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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Embracing the Word 1 John 1: 1

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1) Accept truth by faith.
(that which was from the beginning,)
You don’t have to figure it out or justify it.

2) Ponder what God has said.
(which we have heard)

3) Listen to what God is presently saying through His word.
(which we have heard)
Meditate on God’s truth—hide in your heart.

4) Rely on God’s known involvement in life needs.
(which we have seen with our eyes,)

5) Cast not away the truth personally experienced in your walk with Christ.
(which we have looked upon.)

6) Honor the works of the word.
(and our hands have handled,)

7) Reverently hold forth the life giving words.
(of the Word of life.)

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