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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

God's Supply Genesis 37: 5

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vs.5 1) While God's children are engaged in present activity God has already worked out a future plan. 
(and Joseph dreamed a dream) 

vs.5 2) Present attempts on our part to work on God's plan only result in God working on us. 
(he told it to his brethren.) 

vs.5  3) There is always plenty to obey to occupy us with that we don't need to be trying to help God out. 
(he told it to his brethren)

4) Present obedience extends our life into His future plan. as observed in Joseph's life 

5) We will gain the benefit of God's plan and see His wisdom. 

6) We will learn that our successes in life came from following God precisely/even though 
God may have shared some special truth with us early on in life. 

7) We cannot live a fulfilled spiritual life without God's keeping His covenant and promises. 

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